My 2 Articles 1 Week Journey: Round Three and Still Standing

My 2 Articles 1 Week Journey: Round Three and Still Standing

I'm Back!

Ladies, Gentlemen, and those in between are you ready for a story filled with challenges, triumphs, and a whole lot of laughter? Well, buckle up because I'm about to take you on the wild journey of my third attempt at Hashnode’s 2 Articles 1 Week Challenge. Let’s go!

I Saw & Conquered!

When I decided to the challenge again, I wanted to step out of my comfort zone by writing about a technical concept that was new to me. At first, I was struggling to pick a topic, until I saw the word “DevOps” in CoCode’s monthly blogging challenge add on GitHub. From there I thought, "Challenge accepted!" But, boy did I have no idea what I was getting myself into. During the outline planning phase, I quickly realized that I had no idea what DevOps even meant. And trying to explain technical concepts to my readers felt like trying to teach a baby how to use a smartphone. And let's not even get started on trying to make it interesting for the reader. It was like trying to make a root canal procedure sound fun. Ugh, it was a mess! 🤦🏽‍♀️ But with a lot of Google-ing and a dash of humor, in one day, I was able to write an article that I'm pretty sure even a baby would enjoy(Check out my second article while you're at it! 😉).

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If I had to pick one accomplishment that stands out the most, it would have to be seeing my DevOps article posted on I mean, me? On This was truly a moment to remember. I started my blog with the goal of motivating people to start their coding journeys and to see my work shared on a platform like this is incredibly reassuring.

But let's not forget about all the other victories along the way. I successfully published the article within the week, improved my understanding of DevOps concepts, received positive feedback from readers, and improved my writing skills in technical writing. It's these kinds of wins that make all the hard work worth it.

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Well, folks, it looks like we've come to the end of this wild ride. But before I say goodbye, I want to thank CoCode, Hashnode, and for this amazing experience. I never would have thought that writing about technical topics could be this much fun.

Looking back on this challenge, I can honestly say that I've grown as a writer. I've pushed myself out of my comfort zone, learned about a new topic, and even got my work shared on a popular tech site. It's moments like these that make all the late-night writing sessions.

So, to all the aspiring tech writers out there, I encourage you to continue pushing your boundaries, and if you need a cheerleader, don’t hesitate to reach out to me via my socials on Linkfree. You got this!

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