Reaching 1,005 Open Source Contributions: A Tale of Blood, Sweat, and Code

Reaching 1,005 Open Source Contributions: A Tale of Blood, Sweat, and Code

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A Big Announcement!

Hey, what's up? 😊 I know I usually give you tips on how to survive the Open Source world but remember when you're graduating from college (or celebrating whatever life milestone you're celebrating) and your parents (or guardians) tell you "It feels like just yesterday that we held you for the first time"? Well, that's what I felt when saw I this on my GitHub profile:

My GitHub Stats in dark mode

Yup, I made 1,005 open source contributions!!! 🥳 Since I'm still fairly new in my open source journey, I'm surprised that many contributions this quickly! 🥹 Ok before I start getting sappy, let's pop some sparkling juice(or whatever beverage you drink) and let's reminisce on my favorite and not-so-favorite contributions.

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My Favorite Contributions

There were so many open source contributions I made that I enjoyed doing, but if I had to pick the ones I loved the most, it'd be the following:

  1. Making my Linkfree profile

    My Linkfree profile

    Now, this contribution is like fine cheese - it gets better with time. My Linkfree profile was my second open source contribution, and it was a game-changer. Not only did I get to flex my coding muscles, but I also ended up with a tool that has helped me network with other people. It's like going to McDonald's and getting a 2-for-1 deal on your favorite meal - except instead of burgers with fries(or whatever meal they offer in your country), you're getting valuable coding experience. And who needs that when you can have code(actually, keep both of them. Food is love! Food is life! 😊)? 😉

  2. Creating a navigation bar

When I first joined the 4C Community, I went to their website and noticed that the navigation bar’s structure made it difficult for readers to find information about the community’s origin and its top creators, so I raised this issue to one of the project leaders and got it approved. What I enjoyed most about this contribution is the collaboration. After I built the first draft, I was struggling with how to fit it with the structure of the website, so the project leader paired me with two other community members. Even though it took us a while to finish this feature, it was awesome working with these two individuals because we would share ideas and give each other time when needed! 😊

  1. Changing the Phrasing of Documentation

As a person who is a lover of words and has experience with tutoring students on writing, I enjoyed doing this contribution because one, reviewing a repository’s documentation is awesome. Two, I got to work on the MDN web docs(yes, I’m referring to Mozilla). This experience not only enabled me to apply my writing skills but further my interest in exploring tech writing as a possible side hustle. You know how they say “Good times come with bad times”? Well that’s we're heading next, so make sure you got some extra snacks and get some tissues because it's about to get pretty sad.

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Contributions That Didn’t Make It

Like the Flavor graveyard at Ben & Jerry’s, there were some ideas that ended up not becoming contributions. Cue the organ.

  1. Comparison Chart (12/18/2022-02/11/23)

    A Comparison chart between Linkfree and Linktree

    Since Linkfree shares some similarities to Linktree, I created a comparison chart to help users understand the differences between these two tools. It was like the social media edition of Batman vs. Superman. Unfortunately, the project leaders decided to reject it. But hey, at least I got to contribute in a unique way and flex my creative muscles. Who knows, maybe I'll start my own chart-making business. 😉

  2. Keyboard Shortcuts (10/29/2022-10/29/2022)

    Code snippets from my PR

    I was scrolling through the files of freeCodeCamp’s repository like the coding baddie I am and found some explanations that could use a little bit more spice. So I made the edits and sent in my pull request. A few minutes later, I received a message that says, “Thank you but we’re no longer making updates to this project” and then the conversation was over. Through this experience, I learned that not every pull request is going to be accepted. Nonetheless, it felt good to try and contribute to freeCodeCamp.

  3. Adding links to blogging resources(01/8/23 - 01/09/23)

    Excerpts from my PR

    I was on a mission to make the Coding Challenge section of the Women Who Codes' digital resources repository even better, so I thought it would be helpful to add some links to blogging websites so all of the ladies can document their journey. I was feeling pretty confident about my PR, but then came the crushing blow - rejection! Turns out the leaders weren't ready for contributions from us mere mortals just yet. Through this experience, I learned that contributions are like video games, you just have to wait for the right system in order to get the best gaming experience.

    RIP contributions. You will be greatly missed.

    Rose being thrown into a burial site

Plans for the Future

You know how they say, “You got to let go of the past and keep moving forward?” Well here are the future plans for my open source journey:

  • Participate in a paid open source program(e.g., Outreachy & MLH Fellowship)

  • Join Hacktoberfest and contribute to more women-founded open source programs.

  • Continue write posts for my Open Source Survival Guide series

Whatever goals end up happening, I know I'm in this for the long haul( if don't accidentally delete the entire repository, that is)!

Little anime boy is determined to achieve his goal

Thank you!

So there you have it, folks! I've laughed, cried, and had my PRs rejected and accepted. But through it all, I've come out stronger and wiser. And as I look ahead to the future, I know that no matter what challenges come my way, I'll face them head-on with my trusty open source wand, I mean keyboard and mouse, by my side. So join me on this wild ride, or at least follow me on Hashnode and Linkfree. Thank you for being part of my open source journey, and here's to many more contributions (and maybe a few memes) in the future! :)

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